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- Recessed wall washer for gypsum/plasterboard ceiling having trim-less and sleek profile, scalable

   and adaptive.

- Luminaire design adopting modularity and scalability; detachable profile and optical module,

   seamless running lengths, choice of drivers, male-female connectors, push in/out clamps etc.

- Extruded and diecast Aluminum mechanical components. Easy and convenient to install and


- Two types of recessed installations methods to choose; back recessed method (adjustable bracket

   with hidden flap) and front recessed method (fixed bracket with exposed flap).

- Polarized optical designed module for immaculate effect.

- Setback of 0.6 m to optimally cover a 3 meters wall.

- Optical assembly: high power LEDs, optical grade polymer lens and diffuser, reflector and anti-

   glare black frame.

- Luminaire efficacy up to 90~120 Lumens/Watt.

- IP20 rated for indoor use.

- 4000K, CRI Ra>85, SDCM<3, UGR<19. 

- Working temperature range: -20°C to +45°C.

- RAL 9016(White) powder paint finish of profile.

- Integral non-dimming driver (220-240VAC -50/60Hz, Class I).

- L80(B10)@25 °C 50,000 hours of LED light engine.

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