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  • RI70
  • RI70


- Sleek modern design aluminium profile with 70mm
of width.
- UGR <19 compliant profiles as an option for
working environment.
- Aluminium extrusion with anodized or electrostatic
paint finish as standard.
- Average weight per meter approx 5 Kg/m.
- Frosted polycarbonate diffuser, factory fitted.
- Clean-cut end caps with screws.
- Seamless connect joining system, factory fitted plug
and play system for electrical connections.
- Suitable for recessed installations.
- Joiner options (Lit corner 90°,/cross 90°/tee 90°/
straight 180°, customised bend).
- Remote driver.
- Incremental length 50mm.
- Lumen maintenace up to 50,000hrs ( L90 B10 @35°).

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