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- Sleek modern design aluminium profile with 25mm of width.

- Versatile profile suitable for indoor recessed applications.

- Individual, continuous run and customised patterns.

- Provides continuous, dot free homogeneous light outputs.

- Extruded aluminium construction.

- High quality LED strips.

- Incremental length 50mm.

- PC opal diffuser.

- Screwless end-caps and mounting brackets.

- Plug and play system with factory fitted components for quick installation.

- Working temperature range: -20°C to +45°C.

- 4000K CCT, CRI Ra 85, SDCM<3, UGR<19, Beam Angle 110°.

- Standard product with luminous efficacy of 80 Lumens/Watt.

- Remote mounted, constant voltage driver configuration; 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, Class II, on/off as

  standard offering.

- L90(B10) 50,000hours of LED light engine.

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