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- Inheriting classic design, square corner structure, perfect

assembly details makes exquisite appearance with rich

texture. The product emits downwards and adopts a diffuser

plate of a microprism structure to realize an anti-glare function,

the beam angle is about 90 degrees, the upward beam angle

is 110 degrees.

- DIY assembly, no need professionals, portable on the side of

the desktop, easy installation, flexible using.

- Typical value is 110lm/w, flicker free, KNOB dimming, 50%

DIRECT / 50% INDIRECT synchronous dimming control, and

other intelligent control like motion sensor and day light sensor


- The main materials are aluminum profiles, steel and PMMA.

With cuttable pole. The item is especially designed for

WHOLESALER sales channels.

- Simple and exquisite industrial design with rich texture.

UGR<17, lighting uniform and healthy. Integrated packaging,

easy for transportation and online sales.

- Support for smart control functions, knob dimming, motion


- Lumen maintenace up to 50,000hrs ( L90 B10 @35°

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