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  • Merino II

Merino II

- LED sports light is designed for high mounting application,
such as large soccer field, large plazas. 1200W with small
beam angle could positioning and control the uniformity.
Module could be adjusted to lighten certain area, to
minimise glare vertically and horizontally, and to get the
best light uniformity.

- Electrophoresis and powder coating with strong anti-

- Vertically and horizontally adjustment, easy to adjust the
angle and create diversity of lighting environment. Multiple
optics option to offer excellent light pollution control.
- Efficiency up to 140lm/W, more energy saving.
- Provided with 10KV Build-in Surge Protection Devices.
- PMMA optical lens. SMD LED technology.
- Integral driver as standard, remote 24V DC as an option.
- Choice of grey or black body colours. Loop in/out cables
and glands provided as optional.

- Lumen maintenace up to 50,000hrs

( L90 B10 @35°).

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