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Mellow I

- Edge-lit panel luminaire for basic, cost-effective, efficient and reliable indoor use in new and retrofit

  lighting jobs.

- Four-sided edge-lit LED configuration for balanced appearance of luminous surface.

- 3T PMMA light guide plate (LGP) and 1.2T PMMA diffuser for consistent optical performance, 120° 

  beam distribution, UGR < 19 rating and non-yellowing appearance.

- Luminaire efficacy up to 120 Lumens/Watt. CRI Ra 85, CCT 4000K, SDCM<3.

- For Ta 40°C and 10 – 65% RH indoor operational environment.

- IP40 / IP20 rated optical and back sections.

- External on/off constant current IP20 rated, 220-240V-50/60Hz driver provided as standard

  offering. Low flicker operation.

- Plug and play type lockable connector for electrical connections between driver and panel.

- Extruded Aluminum outer frame, powder paint coated to White RAL 9016 shade.

- Offered in square (595 x 595 x 12mm) and rectangular (295 x 1195 x 12mm) shapes for indoor

  recessed, surface and pendant mounting configurations.

- These panels are compatible with exposed Tee bar metric grid ceiling system. Square

  (595x595x12mm) panel luminaires are designed for 600 x 600 mm ceiling tile module and

  rectangular(295x1195x12mm) panel luminaires are compatible to 300 x 1200 mm ceiling tile


- Can be integrated into gypsum/plasterboard ceiling in combination with recessed frame


- Surface mounting installation through customized frame accessory.

- Can be suspended up to 1 meter, using pendant cable harness set accessory.

- L90B10@35°C lumen maintenance up to 50,000 hours for LED light engine.

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