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48V low voltage, track compatible adjustable accent lighting insert luminaires for diverse indoor use.

Designed to offer precise aiming adjustability, functionality, flexibility, durability, ease of placement, aesthetics and elegance with future proof assurance.

Sleek and compact linear profiled optically precise and energy efficient luminaire, having the choice of field adjustable aiming angles (+/- 90° WIC 13W, +/- 75° WIC 15W), color temperatures, lumen packages, optical distributions/ beam angles (20°/35° WIC 13W, 30° WIC 15W) and color finishes for accent, display and thematic lighting applications.

Can be cohesively employed along with other categories of lighting inserts on the same track for challenging lighting effects.

Excellent color rendering (CRI90) and consistency (SDCM<3).

Low glare UGR<19 rating for use in optically demanding and visually comfortable environment.

High pressure die-cast Aluminum housing with durable paint finish.

Compatible to surface, recessed and suspended Line X System’s sleek Aluminum extruded tracks.

Suitable for direct and indirect lighting applications.

Ease of attachment to track through magnetic clamping and mechanical latching.

Freedom to position, relocate or change the luminaire insert per evolving requirements.

L80B10 – 50,000 hours.

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