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48V low voltage, track compatible pendant decorative insert luminaires for indoor use.

Three distinctive models are clustered in LXPD series; LXPDG-10W, LXPDC-18W, LXPDD-5W.

This series is designed with simplicity, flexibility and functionality as key deliverables for decorative, thematic, task, and general lighting applications.

Offered in three physically diverse shapes, sizes, optics and materials for relevant use in collaborative workspaces, restaurants, retail, residential and hospitality segments etc.

Visually comfortable UGR<19 rated LXPDC-18W and LXPDD-5W inserts.

General diffused lighting effect by employing LXPDG-10W insert.

Excellent color rendering (CRI90) and consistency (SDCM<3).

Choice of color temperatures, color finishes and control protocols.

Ease of placement at precise location, flexibility to reconfigure or relocate the luminaires per evolving requirements through the use of surface, recessed and suspended track platforms and possibility to adjust the suspension lengths of insert luminaires.

Can be cohesively integrated with other track insertable luminaires on same track for creating architecturally and visually integrated and inclusive environment.

Integration with daylighting system for users’ centricity and efficient operation.

Compatible to surface, recessed and suspended Line X System’s sleek Aluminum extruded tracks.

Quick to attach and detach luminaire insert from track through magnetic clamping and mechanical latching.

L80B10 – 50,000 hours

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