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  • Litron II

Litron II

- Robust outdoor amenity LED fixture.
- Architecturally designed with square head frame and body.
- Hot dip galvanized pole.
- DuPont outdoor electrostatic powder coating.

- Efficacy: 180LM/W
- The fixing arm arrangement of the bracket is extremely
strong with larger support inside. SS bolts.
- Stainless steel fasteners and fixing screws.

- Diffuser is PMMA plastic.
- High purity aluminum heat conduction piece.
- Zero upward lighting avoiding light pollution.
- Fire-resistant Silicon seal gasket.
- Easy to install with flange base.
- The cutout door arrangement is sufficiently wide and strong,
holding bracket inside the pole for the ease of maintenance
and installation of cutout and cable termination.
- Lumen maintenance up to 50,000hrs
(L70 @35°).

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