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  • Ingneo - II

Ingneo - II

Dependable, innovative, effective and prompt technical support to all project
stakeholders from idea to realization phases of the project.
Key features of this range are corrosion resistant Aluminum 6063 alloy based
inground housing, sleek luminaire profile (31 X 69 X 80mm), IP67 water and
dust protection rating thus making it suitable for low to medium levels of
pedestrian footfall activity.
Aluminum 6063 ally inground housing is designed to withstand static load
bearing of 1000kg/0.5m. This luminaire is meant only for walk over application.
Anti-slip and UV resistant Silicone optical diffuser with IK10 impact rating
provides the basis of this range usage in pedestrian centric application areas.
Ambient working temperature range for 9W/m (Static Monochrome White)
version is -40 to +60 °C , -40 to +55 °C for 12W/m (Static Monochrome White,
Dynamic Tunable White, DMX Pixel) and -40 to +45 °C for 15W/m (RGBW,
DMX Pixel) version respectively.
Modular and scalable inground housing ensures continuous and seamless
installation. Aluminum 6063 Alloy inground housing (31 x 69 x 80 mm) is
available in 500mm and 1000mm lengths.
Set of optional accessories like push lock end covers, joining brackets,
male/female IP67 connectors, PVC protective cover assist in design,
installation and commissioning of system in a safe, compliant and effective
Future proof, durable and smart design of mechanical platform ensures ease
of light engine upgradability and hassle-free replacement, installation,
operation and maintenance.
A palette of colors and control options comprising of static monochromatic
white, dynamic tunable white, RGBW and DMX Pixel (monochromatic white,
dynamic tunable white and RGBW) provides the freedom and flexibility in
meeting the requirements of the project and it’s stakeholders.
Flat and sleek luminous surface ensures crisp and controlled light distribution
for intricate lighting effects.
Optimal pitch of LEDs and optical distribution system for homogenous, dot
free, glare less luminance provides visual comfort and elegance.
LED flexible profile is of vertical bending thus ensuring safe and smooth
insertion in the inground housing slot.
Extensive range of remote mounted drivers, controllers and accessories
provides the flexibility to design, install, operate and maintain the system in a
safe, reliable and durable manner.
Conceal wiring option is available in Aluminum 6063 Alloy based inground
IP68 Silicone injection molded Front Connector and End Connector on the
Silicone LED flexible profile eliminates the ingress of water and moisture inside
the LED strip and male-female IP67 connectors provides reliable connections
to driver wiring.

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