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Galah TR

- Recessed mounted trim-less square downlight luminaire for gypsum/plasterboard false ceiling

   system for indoor general and accent lighting.

- Refined and crisp appearance with proportioned dimensions and finish.

- Low depth with remote driver configuration for diverse false ceiling scenarios.

- Diecast Aluminum luminaire frame, and optical module for physical robustness, durability, accurate

   fitment and thermal performance.

- Detachable optical module (with spring loaded latches and plug connectors) from luminaire frame

   for quick installation and maintenance.

- Adjustable mounting clamps with perforated flaps to firmly install the luminaire trim-less frame

   into the gypsum/plasterboard ceiling having thickness range of 15 to 25mm.

- IP20 rated optical module.

- Working temperature range: -20°C ~ +45°C.

- RAL 9016(White) powder paint fine textured finish of luminaire and trim-less edges.

- CCT 4000K, CRI Ra>85, SDCM<3, UGR<14-17(35°) / UGR<17-19(65°).

- Remote mounted, constant current driver configuration; 220-240VAC -50/60Hz, Class II, on/off as

   standard offering.

- Two Wattages (8W, 18W) with luminaire efficacy up to 105 Lumens/Watt.

- Optical assembly: high power LEDs, optical grade polymer lens, faceted parabolic reflectors with

   clear cover and anti-glare honeycomb black baffle.

- Medium narrow (35°) and medium (65°) beam distribution options.

- L80(B10)@25 °C 50,000 hours of LED light engine.

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