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  • Flexneo IV
  • Flexneo IV
  • Flexneo IV

Flexneo IV

Primarily meant for indoor application areas but can also be selectively used in outdoor areas.
This series is available in monochromatic White color tones as standard offering and also available in monochrome Red, green, Blue and Amber or customized color version as options.
Silicone encapsulated slender, flat and flexible LED profile having minimalist dimensions of 10mm x10mm, optimally suits for intricate, sleek, crisp and controlled lighting effects.
Available in vertical(top) and horizontal(side) bending versions, which provides the freedom to seamlessly integrate, gel and flow with the architectural features, curvatures and contours.
1+3OZ flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) with built in constant current IC for reliable operation and consistent luminosity over designated spans of LED profile.
Homogenous spotless luminance due to optimal pitch of LEDs.

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