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  • Flexneo II
  • Flexneo II

Flexneo II

- Dependable, innovative, effective and prompt technical support to all project stakeholders from

  idea to realization phases of project.

- Silicone encapsulated sleek and flexible LED profile, which seamlessly integrate, gel and flow with

  architectural features, curvatures and contours.

- Engineered to optimally withstand and perform in an aggressive outdoor environment, marked

  with wide ambient working temperaturerange (-40 to +55 °C), UV light irradiation, humidity, dust,

  wind and rain.

- Reliable and efficient LED light engine, offering comprehensive range of standard static

  monochromatic White (CCT; 2200K – 5700K) and Red, Green, Blue and Amber colors based

  luminous effects.

- Customization of color meeting specific wavelength range could be explored as an option.

- Mushroom head extended view diffuser (300°) in translucent white and customized colors as

  options for visual identity signature.

- Homogenous spotless luminance due to optimal pitch of LEDs.

- Rated power options of 6W/m, 9W/m and 12W/m along with maximum luminous flux up to

  450lm/m and CRI values of 80Ra,90Ra and 95Ra provides the freedom to accentuate the subject

  object as visualized.

- Horizontal axis bending with 120mm minimum curved diameter for versatility and compatibility.

- Choice of 83.3mm minimum cut to length and multiples, spanning upto 10 meters for single end

  power feed and 20 meters for double endpower feed facilitate designers to holistically design the

  entire system.

- Cut to size LED Silicone profiles with factory installed IP68 injectionmolded End Caps, Jumpers, T

  Feed Connectors and End Connectorswith 4 options of lead wires orientation ensures smooth

  installation, reliable operations and desired visual signature.

- Interstitial via hole feature of FPCB for compact size, reliable and durable performance.

- Range of standard drivers meeting power requirement of LED profiles per site conditions.

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