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- Dependable, innovative, effective and prompt technical support to all project stakeholders from

   idea to realization phases of project.

- This series is available in monochromatic White color tones as standard offering and also available

   in monochrome Red, green, Blue and Amber or customized color version as options.

- Silicone encapsulated slender, flat and flexible LED profile having minimalist dimensions, optimally

   suits for intricate, sleek, crisp and controlled lighting effects.

- Unique optical light distribution structure design, uniform lighting surface and no shadow.

- Available in vertical(top) and horizontal(side) bending versions, which provides the freedom to

  seamlessly integrate, gel and flow with the architectural features, curvatures and contours.

- 1+3OZ flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) with built in constant current IC for reliable operation

  and consistent luminosity over designated spans of LED profile.

- Homogenous spotless luminance due to optimal pitch of LEDs.

- Engineered to withstand and perform in an demanding operational environment, marked with

  wide ambient working temperature range of -25 to +55 °C, humidity, dust, dirt and UV light 


- Factory installed IP67 Silicone injection molded End Caps, Jumpers, Middle Connector and Power

  T Feed Connectors and Front Connectors with 4 options of supply lead wires orientation ensures 

  smooth installation, reliable operations and desired visual signature.

- Interstitial via hole feature of FPCB for compact size, reliable and durable performance.

- Complete range of standard on/off drivers and optional dimming drivers are available, meeting

   power requirement of LED profiles, application and site conditions.

- Lifespan up to 50,000 hours (L70B30).

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