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  • Dove DR150 & DR200
  • Dove DR150 & DR200
  • Dove DR150 & DR200
  • Dove DR150 & DR200
  • Dove DR150 & DR200
  • Dove DR150 & DR200
  • Dove DR150 & DR200

Dove DR150 & DR200


Dove Super Comfort is multifeatured downlight range catering to the challenging requirements of indoor general and accentuation illumination for standard to high ceiling heights, visual comfort, aesthetics, performance, durability, diverse mounting heights, size compactness, ease of installation and maintainability.

Models having cutout diameter (Ø) of 150mm and 200mm with corresponding bezel ring dimensions(Ø) of 162mm and 216mm respectively.

Overall downlighter height of 100mm (DR150) or 131mm (DR200) make them suitable for standard to medium height false ceiling installations.

Downlight’s adjustable threaded false ceiling clamping latches to firmly grip ceiling tile of varied materials (Aluminum, gypsum, wood) and thickness from 1-25mm.

Die-cast Aluminum alloy single piece integrated bezel (outer ring), housing and heat dissipation fins for robustness, long life and better thermal performance.

Electrostatic powder coated white RAL 9010 finish as standard for aesthetics and durability.

IP54 ingress protection rating of COB LED based light engine assembly; through the use of Silicone gasket and pad (single piece, jointless, without adhesive), lens holder and precision polymer lens.

Ta 40°C for use in indoor false ceiling environment. COB LED light engine with optical distribution lens options (DR150 in 30°/60° beam, DR200 in 18°/30°/60° beam) for precise and smooth beam, color consistency (SDCM<3) and color rendering (CRI Ra 85).

Standard downlight range available in CCT options of 3000K and 4000K.

Interchangeable reflector provides the freedom to match the architectural finish with visible reflector finish.

Appropriately designed luminaire height and reflector ensure UGR<19 rating. 60° cut off angle for visual comfort.

System power rating of 21W/28W(DR150) and 28W/42W/56W(DR200) with module output of 2500/3300 lumens (30°Beam) and 3400/4600/5600 lumens (30°Beam) for CCT 4000K respectively. Other lumen packages, beam angles and CCT are available as standard and options.

Non-integrated remotely mounted constant current non-dimmable (on/off) driver provided as standard offering.

Lockable male female connector between LED Engine leads and Driver output leads for firm connections.

Lumen maintenance up to 50,000 hours (L80B10@35°C) of COB LED Engine.

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