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  • Diurnal


- Elegant adjustable solar panel light, can withstand extreme outdoor conditions. No wiring or cabling required.
- Flexible selection of High Lumen and High Luminous Flux, customized to best fit local sunshine luminaire.
- The integrated MPPT controller matches the PIR infrared and microwave sensor to output effective lighting based on sunlight conditions.
- Highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panel and the incorporated advanced diffuser, ensure stability and uniformity in photoelectctric conversion efficiency.
- The Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery withstands temperatures upto 60°C and features an extended lifespan covering more than2000 cycles.
- Supplied with an IP66 protection grade to provide exceptional waterproofing for all applications through it’s plug-in design and waterproof apron.
- Adjustable installation angles allow solar panels to be directed towards the sun and improve charging efficiency. The integrated multiple lense system meets various lighting applications.
- Wind resistance rating 65m/s.
- Lumen maintenance up to 50,000hrs (L70 @35°).

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