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  • CR36
  • CR36


- Recessed slim curved profile with 36mm of width.

- Curved profile sweeps through and around interior spaces with peaceful, harmonic halos of light and other illuminating curvilinear forms.

- Customised solution, consult your local rep.

- 102mm, 127mm, 152mm or 203mm diameter rings comprised of four joined segment arcs.

- Segment arcs can also be joined to form half-circles, S-shapes, ovals (with Lightplane1) and more.

- High quality LED modules with CRI 80.

- Remote driver.

- 100% recyclable, 36mm wide extruded aluminium housing.

- Impact-resistant, acrylic opal lens.

- Lumen maintenace up to 50,000hrs

( L90 B10 @35°).

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