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- Functional, cost effective and energy efficient solution for new and retrofit

- Designed for use in general indoor and outdoor.

- Could be installed on ceiling, wall and pendant mounted.

- Die-cast aluminium housing.

- Opal UV resistant PC diffuser for longevity, uniform luminance, distribution

  and glare management.

- Modular gear tray with LED boards and driver on rear side, gear tray can be

  replaceable and upgradeable.

- Stainless steel screws for fixation of diffuser to luminaire housing. 

- IK10 impact resistant construction.

- For up to Ta 50°C ambient temperature environment.

- Luminaire efficacy in the range upto 130 Lumens/Watt.

- Aluminum substrate PCB based SMD 2835 LED light source.

- Glow wire test 850°C Integral constant current standard driver

  configuration; 220-240VAC 50/60Hz, Class I, on/off.

- Low flicker operation.

- Side and rear cable entry possible for electrical connection.

- Clamp type SS304 mounting brackets set for quick and simple installation.

- L80B10@35°C of 50,000 hours for LED light engine.

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