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  • CF COB Strip

CF COB Strip

Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor shaded / covered areas. Exposure of the LED Profile Strip to direct sunlight must be avoided.
This 15 meters long run model having 480 Single Bin LEDs/meter configuration, constant current IC based circuit and power rating of 10Watts/meter thus ensuring unmatched dot and spot free, low brightness and consistent luminous flux throughout the span for soft lighting effects.
Complete range of 24VDC output drivers for optimum flicker less operation and performance of LED Strip having 10Watts/meter power rating and up to 15meters continuous single span application.
Sleek rectangular profile (12mm x 4mm) with short cutting length of 50mm provides the freedom to precisely integrate the strip in sleek, short and long running length applications.
Luminous flux ranging from 490 to 590 Lumens/meter, catering to diversified indoor lighting requirements i.e. decorative, functional and architectural.
Choice of four monochrome white tones i.e. 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K.
White color tones having excellent color rendering index CRI>90(Ra) and CRI>50(R9) for better visual perceptibility.
Color consistency value of SDCM<3 for 2700k, 3000K, 4000K and SDCM<5 for 6500K.
140° beam angle for optimum light distribution.
IP67 rated silicone neon extrusion molded LED Strip, making it suitable for standard indoor non-submersible application environment having exposure to dust and moisture.
Lifespan up to 50,000 hours (L80B10).
COB Neon Strip having FPC (flexible printed circuit) with double layered 3Oz
Copper foil configuration (1Oz, 2Oz) for performance, durability and swift heat dissipation.
High quality branded self-adhesive tape for firm adhesion to mounting surface.
Available in standard pack of 15 meters reel length.
Field sizing as multiples of minimum specified short cutting length up to 15meters or less, provides the flexibility, ease of installation and commissioning.
Silicone field connectors are used for power connection to LED strip.
Easy and quick field electrical connections, meeting project requirements.

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