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- The product design is simple, stylish with rich texture, which is

suitable for a 20-25 m² individual office or an open office area

without compensation light and could achieve uniform lighting

for one desk and two desks. The direct light 15W. The UGR is

less than 10 based on the reflector and anti-glare structure, 50

beam angle and 75 beam angle optional.

- Indirect light 95W, 140 beam angle, luminous flux of

up to 12200lm. The product can realize direct and

indirect light control individually, intelligent motion sensor,

daylight sensor, tunable white and other stand-alone functions

built in on its own control system.

- Optionally this product can be supplied with to customize

CASAMBI, HCL, and SWARM control system. The product

could provide uniform, comfortable and low glare

lighting for individual offices or open office areas without

compensation light. Compact and quality appearance, patent

design with rich texture and visual impact. High lumen

efficiency reach to 120lm/w. 80° beam angle direct light

with perfect UGR control UGR less than 10. Direct

and indirect light control Individually. 140° beam

angle indirect light deliver a comfortable lighting for space.

Lighting distribution cover two desks. No installation

costs. Covers two standard size office desks. Support for

smart control functions, touch panel dimming, motion sensor,

tunable white, CASAMBI(Customizable), HCL(Customizable),


Lumen maintenace up to 50,000hrs

(L90 B10 @35°).

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